Curriculum vitae

1941 Born in Milan.

1960-1965 Laurea in Economics and Business
Administration at the University Luigi Bocconi in Milan.

1966-1967 M.A. in Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

1970-1975 Lecturer of Comparative economic systems at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Padua and Assistant professor of Economic Policy at Bocconi University.

1975-1980 Senior lecturer in Economic policy at the
Faculty of Statistics of the University of Padua and in Economic policy II at Bocconi University (1975-1984).

1980-1984 Professor of Economic policy at the Faculty of Statistics of the University of Padua. 1982 Visiting Professor at the “Institute of Economic Research” of the University of Kyoto for one semester.

1984-1987 Full Professor of Political Economy at the Faculty of
Political Sciences of the University of Turin.

1987- 2011 Full Professor of Economic Policy at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Turin.

2009-2010 On leave: visiting professor at the University of Nice (first semester) and at Seoul National University (2nd semester). Visiting scholar at the Department of Economics of
the University of California (Berkeley) (July-August 2010).

2011-2018   Retired:  nominated in 2013 professor emeritus of Economic policy at the University of Turin.

In the 2011-2017 years I have taught Comparative Economic Development at the master program in “International Sciences” and Globalization and the labour market in the OSRU master (organizzazione e sviluppo delle risorse umane) at the University of Turin.

Honours and Appointments

  • Fulbright scholarship. (1966-7).
  • Visiting scholar in various Universities (Berkeley, Roskilde, Brown, etc.)
  • Director of the Department of Economics at the University of Turin from 1985 to 1990.
  • President of the program of “Development and Cooperation” at the Faculty of Political Sciences 2002-2009.
  • Director of CORIPE Piedmont [Consortium for research and continuing
 education in Economics] (1990-2009).
  • Director of the Doctoral program of the University of Turin in “European economic studies”, first cycle.
  • First President of Aissec (Associazione italiana per lo studio dei sistemi economici comparati) and of Eaces (European Association of comparative economic studies).
  • At various times, member of the scientific or editorial committee of four economic journals and of the scientific council of CERIS in Turin [Institute for research of firms and economic growth].
  • Editor of EJCE (The European Journal of Comparative Economics) in the years 2004-2015.
  • For six years board member of the University of Turin and of the Collegio Carlo Alberto Consortium (then Foundation Collegio Carlo Alberto).
  • Member of the supervisory council of Foundation CRT (2000-2006).
  • Board member of Unimanagement (Unicredit group), 2007-10.
  • 2011- Member of the Scientific Board of “Fondazione L. Einaudi”, Turin
  • 2011-12. Present in “Who is Who in the World “.
  • 2014-   Co-director of OEET (Center on emerging economies- Turin).
  • 2018- “membro corrispondente” of the Istituto Lombardo, Accademia di Scienze e lettere, Milano.

Publications: 25 books, of which 7 edited, and over 100 papers or chapters (some of which translated in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese), mainly on economic policy, comparative economic development, labour economics, economics of education, theory of economic growth and development. 

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